1. Do you service just Fords?

No, We service all makes and models from low end to high end cars, trucks and SUVs of all sizes, as well as specialty and classic cars.

2. Do you offer rentals?

Yes, we have a full line of late model Ford cars, suvs, and light trucks available to keep you on the road while we repair your vehicle.

3. Do you offer OEM (factory replacement) parts?

We prefer to use OEM parts and will do so every chance we get. Factory parts fit better and give a high quality finished product. The only time we will not use OEM parts is when instructed to by your insurance company.

4. Do you work with every insurance company?

Yes, we accept all insurance companies and we do work for most of them on a monthly basis.

5. Can the job be finished in one day?

It depends on the scope of the work. If we are replacing a mirror or painting a front bumper it may be finished in one day. Most jobs that have paint work to be done will take longer than one day. To be sure about your specific job, give Chris or Sidney a call.